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Friday, November 08, 2013
By Kevin Su
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Hello friends, family, followers and strangers

My blog is back! Its got a brand new look and a whole new attitude!

My passion while traveling has been to share my amazing experiences through photographs. I think that my blog is the perfect outlet for me to continue to share with everyone the amazing things that I encounter. Travel photography and self exploration is great, but after years of producing my own work i feel its time to give back and do a little more.

I have always wanted to share my photography knowledge and skills with my family and friends or just about anyone interested in taking photos. I am a huge photo nerd and I love geeking out to anything photo related. I used to work with a company of 20 photographers and boy was it fun to shop talk for hours about things like how Nikons are way better than Canon, but that debate is for another blog. I have always put off trying to teach photography because I was afraid to be wrong. I was terrified of giving misinformation or imposing my way of doing things. But one day I came to a realization that wait... I'm wrong all the time ! But each time that I was wrong or made a mistake I became a better photographer through the learning experience, as long as I put in the effort to do it right. That's when the lightbulb when on in my head ! I can make the mistakes for everyone! Instead of coming together with the "all knowing book of how to take photos" I can teach by experience and share how I went through the process. You can be the judge of the information and take as you please.

So I invite you all to join me in my journey as I travel, live, learn, and make mistakes along my path to mastering the art of photography.

I will be releasing random lessons and tips on this blog on how to improve your photography and experiment techniques. I will try to incorporate as much as I can on site locations of my travels for the next year. Each lesson will tackle a new technique or theory that will help you improve or review your photography knowledge. The lessons will range from beginners wanting to shoot better with their point and shoot to advanced techniques with specialized gear such as neutral density filters etc... I will also be covering post production tips focusing on Adobe Lightroom for all you avid photo editors !

Well I am super excited to get started and continue my journey! Stay tuned and get ready for a year of adventure!


Kevin Su

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